We could go on and on about what a benefit Gradelink can be for schools, but our customers say it best. Here are some testimonials and customer reviews from real teachers and administrators that use Gradelink.


"We LOVE Gradelink. It's EXCELLENT! It's just what we need at our school..."

– Linda, Teacher, Forest City, NC

"FABULOUS!!!! Thank you! My life is so much easier now."

– Brandee, Admissions Director, Orlando, FL

"Your staff has been great at getting things to us in a timely manner and being able to accelerate at our crazy pace."

– Robert, Principal, San Diego, CA

"...always admired your work ethic and results."

– Amy, Administrator, Westchester, CA

"So I just started using this fantastic program a few weeks ago myself, and am not disappointed ... I am very impressed and glad we chose it."

– Cary, Administrator, Los Angeles, CA

"I cannot say enough good stuff about Gradelink."

– Barbara, Administrator, Orangeburg, SC

"Of all the vendors we deal with, Gradelink is by far the most helpful and has the best customer support."

– Pam, Administrator, Fayetteville, NC

"...y'all have some of THE NICEST people in Customer Service. They always answer the phone quickly, they pull up our account quickly, they always know the answer to my question, and they never talk down to me."

– Teresa, Administrator, Columbia, TN